Digital Marketing Course in Chennai - SKARTEC

Today’s marketing world is more digital than ever and there has never been a more important time to connect with businesses and people. This cutting-edge programme is designed to equip you with the skills needed to apply a real understanding of the many tools, resources and digital marketing channels and maximise your effectiveness as a skilled Digital Marketer.


SKARTEC Digital Marketing Academy has specifically designed the Advanced Digital Marketing Certification programme with industry professionals to help you marketing professionals maximise their effectiveness and make the most of digital marketing and media plans and get the best out of every marketing strategy.


When you complete the training, you will have all the skills needed to build a career in Digital Marketing or further develop your existing role within your company.


Whether you’re new to Digital Marketing or you’re working in the industry, this programme will boost your career options in Digital Marketing. Design the future you want with a Digital Marketing Specialist Certification.


Why Should You Join The Program?


Digital Marketing is one of the fastest growing industries in India and worldwide. Our programme has been designed with industry professionals who are demanding employees with specific skills in Digital Marketing


You will learn from leading industry leaders and experts in the following areas:


  • Learn ways to optimise your website and social media platforms.
  • Explore new strategies and techniques for improving ddigital media activity
  • Develop a deep understanding of online and digital ttrends
  • Increase your online and digital presence
  • Understand digital marketing effects and outcomes
  • Identify online media marketing opportunities
  • Develop measurement plans for your company
  • Develop your own online ads with design tools


Digital Marketing Course Highlights


  • Utilizing digital marketing concepts, approaches and market planning.
  • Determining business and digital marketing goals
  • Creating and implementing effective marketing strategies and plans
  • Analyzing report data such as search engines, email and mobile marketing and eCommerce


Who Should Attend?


Passionate people who want a future in digital marketing, including:

  • Graduate students who are looking for a career in Digital Marketing
  • Marketing managers
  • Marketing coordinators
  • Business leaders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • IT specialists who want to increase their digital marketing knowledge
  • Designers who want to produce digital content and promote it through the right channels
  • Anyone who wants to be up to date and build a wealth of knowledge in the fields of marketing and social media.


Digital Marketing Course Content


1. Introduction to Digital Marketing

2. Introduction to Website Design, Development & Content.

3. Advanced Search Engine Optimization

4. Search Engine Marketing with Google AdWords

5. Display Advertising with Google AdWords

6. Email Marketing & MailChimp

7. Lead Generation Funnels

8. Facebook Marketing

9. Twitter Marketing

10. Pinterest Marketing

11. LinkedIn Marketing

12. WordPress Web Design

13. Local SEO 

14. Google Webmaster Tools

15. Content Marketing

16. Affiliate Marketing

17. Online Reputation Management

18. Freelance Opportunities in Digital Marketing

19. Google Analytics

20. Digital Marketing Campaign Strategy