Social Media Tricks - Part 1

Sharing content just one time. Your fans aren’t all using social media at the same time. Honestly, it’s highly unlikely that they’re coming to your account each day to see what you have to say. Most people stumble across share-worthy content browsing their current news feeds, so if you have something substantial to say, you want to be sure people are seeing it. We share each blog post seven times on Twitter, three times on LinkedIn and twice on Facebook. We choose different days and times to spread it out over the course of the month, but we make sure no one misses out on our great marketing tips that way.


Repeating the same exact post. That said, you don’t want to repeat the same post word-for-word over and over again. Mix up the image you use and the language of your post, but link to the same blog. Add a mix of status updates, images, videos and linked articles in between to continue providing value to your readers.


Posting randomly. Sign up for a free account at HootSuite to schedule your posts in advance at regular intervals. Be sure to post at least every couple of days (if not every day) to stay fresh in your followers’ and fans’ minds. Conduct research to find out when your core demographic is using social media. If you need help with this aspect of social media management, contact us!!


Using link shorteners. Naked URLs count as direct links back to your site – which will improve your visibility in search engines. It’s unclear whether the “link juice” of link shorteners like and -- or even shorteners sponsored by Twitter and Google, for that matter – translate into better search positioning. Instead, focus your efforts on creating a unique, short, keyword-rich URL as you write each blog post – keeping social sharing in mind.